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Purity in Taste, Production, and Ethics

We are a farmer’s co-op that brings rich, organic green and yellow coffee to enthusiasts all over the world. Coffee lovers everywhere are able to enjoy Riga Damu Organic Harar Coffee thanks to our worldwide license for export. The full flavor of berries and honey that exists naturally within these golden beans is a unique delicacy that no coffee collection is complete without.

Our Certification


Riga Damu Multi-Purpose Co-op

We began in 2011 with only 22 farmers and have grown to 978 farmers in just eight short years. Our farmers are both men and women with families who rely on them, so we practice strict ethics that have won us a certification by FLOCert and FairTrade certificate.


Organic Farming

Becoming an independent organization has allowed us to take care of our members without any outside interference. Their hard work and dedication to excellence ensures the quality and integrity of our coffee, so profits from coffee sales are distributed directly to the farmers who make it happen.


Our Mission

The shared vision for the future of the Riga Damu co-op is that we’ll continue to grow and produce some of the world’s finest coffee, implementing rigorous quality control standards while continuing to value the happiness of our farmers as our highest priority.



Harar Organic Coffee is grown without any type of genetic interference, engineering, or modification. No synthetic chemicals are used at any stage of production. Beans are processed and sorted by hand.

We adhere to strict regulations at every stage of production, because we believe in maintaining purity for both the environment and the consumer.


Fair Trade

Our ethical trade practices have earned us certification as a Fair Trade export business. Throughout our production and sales, we apply principles of decency that ensure the welfare of our farmers and families.

Profits are distributed for the development of social, economic, and environmental projects that are chosen by the community based on their needs.


A Taste of Paradise

Eastern Ethiopia is home to a rich and fertile landscape that hosts the city of Harar. This bustling commercial centre has been a key point in African trade for centuries and was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2006. Tourists often visit Harar to see the spotted hyenas and protected wild horse population, as well as the incredible architecture and numerous mosques. The lush subtropical highland climate facilitates the growth of some of the world’s best coffee beans, and we take measures to ensure that purity makes it all the way to your shelves.


Storage and Preservation

The best possible way to store Harar Organic Coffee is in an airtight glass, metal, or ceramic container in a cool, dark, and dry cabinet or pantry. The freezer should be avoided because it can cause dehydration. Also, the porous surface of the beans can adopt the smells and flavours of the fridge and freezer.

Avoid heat, light, air, and moisture as much as possible. Use ground coffee within two weeks and whole beans within a month. Only grind enough whole beans to use immediately each time. When purchasing in bulk, separate the bulk quantity into smaller portions that can each be used relatively quickly. This keeps the remainder from being exposed to air while you use each portion.

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